In the last six months (June to November 2020) the Ministry of Health has detected 20 new HIV cases (10 male and 10 female). The majority (95%) of them are between 25-49 years old and 5% above 50 years. By occupational group, 6 each belong to private/business and housewives, 3 are uniformed personnel, 2 each are civil servants and farmers, and 1 is a driver.

In terms of mode of transmission, all 20 of them have acquired the infection through unprotected heterosexual and there is no Mother to Child Transmission (MTCT) reported. Among the new cases, 12 of them were diagnosed through Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT), 4 from medical screening, 3 through contact tracing and one through the antenatal clinic check-up. Currently, all the new cases are being put on care and treatment at the JDWNRH. A total of 54 HIV cases has been diagnosed in 2020 alone.