1 Name Stay Trace app
2 Objective To be used for individual who are quarantined (both home and facility)
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The StayHome mobile app is developed by the Ministry of Health, Royal Government of Bhutan in the effort to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The government has also developed other systems for the same purpose.


The app is to be used by the quarantined individuals only- in both  at home and those in the designated facilities. The StayHome App can only be used by individuals if their details are entered either through the Health Facilities System by People in Flu Clinic, Point Of Entry (PoE) or Quarantine Facilities after which the user will receive SMS from if they have provided the correct phone number while being registered. The facility quarantined individuals who do not have phone SIMs are to be arranged by managers of the facility with Telcos of the area.  


Where to download the app from

Link provided above.


Before you are sent to the quarantine facility or home, you will get a SMS from ‘G2C’ with username and password. If you dont get please get in touch  with your facility manager as you will not receive SMS if you are not registered in the system first.

Upon successful login, the following screen will be visible to the user: 

Please follow the instructions to get yourself oriented with the app:

  1. Quarantine Location

After login, the first important task is to set the location from the designated room (facility/home).

Click the Quarantine location icon and confirm the location. Here after, make sure your device is connected to the internet (via Wifi or data) 24X 7.

  1. Send Selfie

SMS alerts (from G2C) will notify you to submit the selfie within 30 minutes. Please submit the selfie via the app. Click the SEND SELFIE  icon and click ‘Use Photo’ to submit.

iii. Symptom


Similarly, SMS alerts (from G2C) will notify you to submit the symptoms within 15 minutes. If you have symptoms, report accordingly. Even if you do not have symptoms, you are required to submit the report. Press the “Report Symptoms” button. The signs and symptoms must be submitted before 10 AM and 8 PM of every day.

Important Notes

  1. Not reporting the requests shall be deemed violation of the quarantine rules.
  2. A minimum of two SMS reminders for Selfie and two for symptoms’ submission will be notified in a day. Compliance is required for all requests.
  1. Cases


Violation and non-compliance to the requirements will be listed under the “cases” and  actions will be taken accordingly.


Additional features

The app has the following resources for your easy use:

  1. Dial-button: The dial-button for the CoVID-19 Toll-free Helpline (#2121)
  2. FAQs: Some of the most frequently asked questions and answers. 


In addition, you can also contact the focal person or quarantine manager directly at your facility for any support/help.


Compliance Requirements

It is very important for the users to understand the full compliance requirements, for the government to be able to help you and ensure you receive the necessary support. 


The monitoring team will review the reports and depute resources, case by case for necessary action.


In order to minimize risk of exposure and cross-infection, the quarantine rules do not allow you to move away from the set quarantine boundary. You are not allowed to move from one room to another and are highly encouraged to stay within the designated room.  If any individuals are found to be violating these rules, the Quarantine management and monitoring team shall be notified and necessary action shall be taken as per the quarantine rules and the laws of the Kingdom of Bhutan. 


After the completion of the quarantine period of 21 days, individuals shall be released home on 22nd day after test results are found to be negative in rapid diagnostic test (RDT) or Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction test (RT-PCR) as appropriate and with certification.  However, you will still be monitored through the app for a minimum period of another 10 days. Only those with symptoms shall be kept for further test and observation.


Data Confidentiality

The Ministry of Health assures confidentiality of all data collected and will be used solely for the purpose of monitoring and providing support to the individuals under quarantine. 

If there are issues and queries, individuals are requested email to

Note: People need not use the app if they exit quarantine.