Red Cluster include the following:

  1. Residential buildings, structures in a areas from where COVID-19 positive cases are detected;
  2. Residential building, structures or areas where primary contacts of COVID-19 cases are home quarantined;
  3. Cases are detected from two or more buildings clustered in time and space and primary contact are home quarantined;
  4. Where positive cases are managed at home due to medical and social reasons on official approval of competent authority.
  5. Red cluster will be lifted if no cases are detected within 10 days of the last positive case in the cluster.

People inside and outside the red cluster can move into and out of it only after the red cluster is removed through official announcements. People in the respective zones are to contact Dessups on duty for more information. (As of 18th Feb 2022)

Thimphu Red Clusters:

Dos and Donts for Red Clusters/Buildings:

  1. All people residing within the cluster at the time are required to remain inside the flat/apartment at all times until declared safe. 
  2. Take moral responsibility and avoid contact with anyone including the residents of other flats residing in the same building. 
  3. Primary Contacts should stay away from elderly people and people with pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, etc wherever possible.
  4. Everyone within the cluster should practice cough etiquette at all times and frequently wash hands with soap and water.
  5. Clean frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, tables, light switches, cabinet handles, toilets, faucets and sinks. 
  6. Regularly open doors and windows for good ventilation to improve fresh air circulation. 
  7. If any family member shows flu-like symptoms, immediately inform the Desuups on duty.
  8. For any medical emergency support, call 112 and local toll-free numbers.
  9.  Plan and make a list of essential supplies and inform the respective hotlines.
  10.  Identify one able bodied family member to receive grocery items when delivered.
  11.  Collect all household waste in a waste bag and ensure that the bag is properly sealed.
  12. Maintain peace and respect the privacy of family members and next-door neighbors.
  13. Do indoor exercises and eat healthy food.
  14. If the building is located at an isolated place, where there are no other buildings around, the family members can come out, walk around, exercise within the cordoned areas without coming in contact with other people.

Note: The cluster status changes every day so please refer frequently.