Monday, November 28, 2022

The Ministry of Health is pleased to re-announce the availability of a Scholarship (1 slot) for Medical Specialists under JICA TCP Scholarship for the 2022-2023 intake as follows:

Sl# Field of Study Target group
1 Fellowship in Infectious Disease (Clinical training in Tuberculosis) Medical Specialist
  1. Eligibility Criteria
  2. Should fulfill all Eligibility criteria specified in Section 9.7.3, where applicable;
  3. Should have a bachelor’s degree at the time of entry into civil service or be selected through BCSE;
  4. Have completed a minimum of one year of service after completion of Masters’s from KGUMSB as of 30th June 2022;
  5. Have completed a minimum of one year service after completion of attachment period for Specialist with Masters from ex-country as of 30th June 2022;
  6. Clean service record; and
  7. Civil servants applying for the scholarship and the agency nominating the candidate must ensure the applicant fulfills all the relevant eligibility criteria prescribed in the BCSR 2018
  • System-generated Information

Following information/documents shall be generated from ZESt and DMS/PF for shortlisting. Therefore, interested candidates need to verify the information by logging into the Self Service Portal, ZESt at within the scholarship application deadline:

● Curriculum Vitae (CV);

● Moderation score/Performance Evaluation Ratings (IWP) for the past two financial years;

● Email address and mobile number; and

● Place of posting detail for rural posting weightage

  • Documents required while applying
  • Individual application;
  • No Objection Certificate from the Dzongkhag HRC (Trashigang & Samtse Hospital) /Hospital HRC (JDWNRH, CRRH & ERRH) and
  • Academic transcripts & certificate

○ Master’s degree: Copy of Certificate and Transcript

○ Bachelor’s Degree: Copy of Certificate and Transcript

  • Application procedure and deadline
  • Interested applicants must submit the above documents using the following link within     16 May 2022 before 5:00 PM:
  • Shortlist and Selection procedure
  • The Ministry of Health will submit the documents of shortlisted candidates to KGUMSB and JICA Bhutan office for selection interview;
  • Candidates who get through after the selection interview should note that the scholarship is not confirmed until the Universities in Japan accept your admission;
  • The status of the scholarship shall remain as recommended until Universities in Japan confirm admission and the recommended candidates should refrain from opting for other scholarships until confirmation on the acceptance/non-acceptance of the admission is received from the Universities.
  • Post selection procedure

Upon confirmation of admission, the selected candidate shall submit the following documents to the HR Division, Ministry of Health one month prior to the course commencement date:

  • Offer letter;
  • Course content;
  • Letter of Good Standing from Bhutan Medical & Health Council;
  • Valid Security clearance reference no. and date;
  • Valid Audit clearance for Studies reference no. and date (attach offer letter as evidence document);
  • Medical Fitness certificate; and
  • LTT Nomination Application Form 9/7
  • Ineligibility

As per clause 9.7.4 of the BSCR 2018, a candidate shall not be eligible when:

  • Discontinued a previously nominated training program for reasons within one’s control; 
  • Availed a maximum of three in-service long-term trainings in the entire service period;
  • Nominated/short-listed for another training program;
  • On EoL, Maternity Leave, Medical Escort Leave, Medical Leave; 
  • On Secondment; 
  • On contract Service; and
  • Fails mandatory drug test 

Important Notes: 

  1. Selected candidates shall be required to take a drug test and will have to pass the test to be eligible for the scholarship;
  2. Only those candidates who are committed to this scholarship should apply. If a candidate withdraws after the announcement of the interview result, the candidate shall be liable for HR action;
  3. Candidates must seek admission in consultation with JICA Bhutan Office and KGUMSB;
  4. Applications received without the endorsement of the agency HRC and with incomplete documents will not be accepted for the purpose of shortlisting.
  5. The selected candidate upon successful completion of the Fellowship program will be deployed to Royal Centre for Infectious Disease, Gidakom, Thimphu.

For further inquiries, please contact HRD at or