Ever since the HHC of MoH provided Emergency Response Services to all citizens of our nation on a 24×7 basis, it comprehend having a Vehicle Tracking System that will further assist “MoH to provide” and  “citizens to avail” the service in all needy circumstances. 

The HHC looked to have a system where all the ambulances can be tracked in “real-time” with proper landmarks and trace tracks even the history with the help of VTS. This system was to help HHC to get accurate odometer readings for each and every ambulance movement. The accident rates of ambulances by over speeding was to be reduced with the VTS by having the feature of over speeding alarm systems. There was also need for unauthorized movement notification in VTS that shall prevent nu-authorized movement.

Although there is a Vehicle Tracking System that is leased annually from Kuensel, the HHC experienced quite a number of troubles in handling it. The main issue was having poor landmarks on the map, and HHC was not able to customize and make changes with the existing ktracker system source code. The system was also not integrated with HERCS causing HHC to maintain a separate system for ambulance Turnaround Time (TAT.) 

The mobile application was required for callers to track the particular assigned ambulance to prepare themself for transportation to the hospital. Therefore, this project was to overcome the existing pain points and the HHC was to indulge in the forthcoming vehicle tracking system which is to be locally available.    

The Health Ministry has successfully replaced the ambulance tracking system with support from the UNDP and the UNICEF. The new system caters to real time monitoring of both vaccine van tracking and vaccine freezer unit besides real time ambulance tracking using GPS.