Goal: Protection and promotion of mental well beingof Bhutanese citizen



  • To reduce the burden of mental disorders, alcohol and drug dependence
  • To reduce treatment and care gap for mental disorders
  • To increase awareness and reduce the stigma &discrimination against mental illness.


  1. To formulate/update policy and plans for the National Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Control Programme.
  2. To disseminate the mental health policy and generate political/social and funding support.
  3. To ensure provision of effective mental health care services to needy Bhutanese citizen
  4. To support and encourage the reintegration of persons with mental disorders, alcohol and drug dependence in to all aspects of community life, thus improving their overall quality of life.

Functions of the Program

  1. To build the capacity of the health workers and relevant stake holders by providing trainings and refresher courses
  2. To develop appropriate health education and information materials to enhance community awareness about mental health
  3. To develop and update guidelines and treatment manuals for health workers.
  4. To provide liaison with the Essential Drug Program (EDP) in DVED for adequate supply of psychotropic drugs.
  5. To coordinate with other public health programmes and primary health care activities
  6. To coordinate with other relevant stakeholders and funding agencies.
  7. To monitor and supervise the program initiated activities
  8. To record and report on mental health, alcohol and drug abuse matters
  9. To carry out and coordinate operational research, evaluate programmes and activities


Focal persons

  1. Mindu Dorji, Deputy Chief Program Office, MHP mdorji@health.gov.bt
  1. Dil Kumar, Program Officer, MHP dsubba@health.gov.bt