1 Name Druk Trace app
2 Objective To be used for contact tracing in case of local transmission of COVID-19 in Bhutan
3 Android Phones (Google Play Store) Visit Google App Store to download app

Download app  (Version.3) from this site

Download app  (Version 1.0.3) from this site

Download app (Version 1.0.0) from this site

4 iOS Phones (App Store) Visit App Store to download app
5 Advocacy Video View Youtube video

The government has developed contact tracing app called “Druk Trace” mobile app.

The app is to be used for “Contact Tracing” by helping with the identification of people who may have come in direct contact with a COVID-19 infected person while visiting public places or while using public transportation.

Therefore in order to prevent local transmission of the virus in the country, every office, business entity, public transport (taxis and buses) are required to publicly display a QR code generated from the Druk Trace App.

Similarly all individuals are mandated to use the Druk Trace app to scan the QR code every time they enter these public places or use public transportation. Those who do not have smartphones will be required to provide contact information to be filled in the log files that are to be managed by the respective offices and drivers.

You can download the Druk Trace app from Google Play Store and iPhones App Store.

How to use the Druk Trace app for Place/Office/Public Transport Drivers/:
1. Download and install the App
2. Register your entity
3. Print the QR code and stick it at the entrance.
4. Ensure all the visitors scan the QR code using the Druk Trace App.

How to use the Druk Trace app for Individual’s visiting public place/office or traveling in public transport :
1. Download and install the App
2. Register
3. Use the Druk Trace App to scan the QR codes

The QR code generated should be pasted in all the entry/exit points in your respective organization for easy scanning.

We urge all offices, public institutions and public transports to kindly do the same.

Note: The app ensures public privacy and therefore collects only phone number of an individual for the purpose.