Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Since the demarcation of high and low risk areas, proper medical services could not be rendered to the residents of high risk areas, which has been immensely regrettable.

However, the Ministry of Health will now be organizing a specialized medical camp particularly for the residents of high risk areas who has been left out so far. The camp will provide a comprehensive package of health services like general medical screening, gynecological services, pediatric services, ENT services, endoscopy services and ophthalmology services.

Starting 18th October till mid-December 2021, five teams of specialists will be posted in all the high risk areas and patients requiring specialized service will be referred to centers where those specialists are posted. However, the routine screening services (stool H.pylori screening, screening for gastric cancer, elderly screening, eye screening, oral screening, etc.) will be continued in all health facilities.

Therefore, we urge the residents to avail the health services rendered as per the following schedule.