Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Ministry of Health would like to notify that the annual transfer proposal for January 2023, shall be observed as follows:

  1. The Ministry will NOT be carrying out the Annual Transfer Exercise for the year 2023. However, in the interest of Public Service (as per the requirement in the health facilities) and on genuine reasons, the Ministry will initiate transfer of few cases.
  2. Transfer on request with GENUINE REASONS shall be entertained but without transfer grants (in line with the budget Notification for the Financial Year 2022-2023 of the Ministry of Finance vide no. MoF/Budget Notification/2022-23/012 dated July 4, 2022) and placement would depend on availability of vacancies in the health facilities.
  3. The applicants should follow the approved guideline mentioning the five transfer options of preferred Dzongkhags/Hospitals in the attached Transfer Application Form.
  4. The transfer review committee, depending on the vacancy available, shall give placement based on the requested options (from 1-5) and the committee shall exercise its discretion power to reject the proposal, if there are no vacant positions as per the approved service standard.
  5. Applicants are requested to carefully mention the five options because the Ministry will not entertain any cancellation of transfer requests  to avoid disruption of the chain of transfer events.

Therefore, all the Dzongkhag and Hospital Administrations are requested to review and verify the genuineness of the proposals and submit ONLY GENUINE CASES recommended by the Dzongkhag & Hospital Human Resource Committees. The complete set of proposals should be submitted online on the following link through, Ministry of Health website on or before August 15,2022. 

The applicants may submit their proposals using the following link:

Please note that proposal has to be submitted online and the Ministry will not accept any application in hard copy or through email.

Further, the employees falling under the following categories shall not be eligible for transfer:

  1. Section 14.4.13 of BCSR 2018 “On initial appointment in the Civil Service, a civil servant shall not be eligible for transfer before serving a minimum of three years including probation period. For in-service candidates, the date of appointment in the new position category shall be used for calculating three years.”
  2. Section 14.4.11 of BCSR 2018 “A civil servant due for superannuation within the next one year may not be transferred.”
  3. Section 6.6.8 of BCSR 2018 “A GSP/ESP shall not be eligible for transfer.” And
  4. Section 5.6.5 of BCSR 2018 “A contract employee shall not be eligible for transfer.”

Kindly note that the Ministry shall carry out transfer exercise ONLY ONCE IN A YEAR and shall not entertain any late/new submissions thereafter since the Ministry will have to tie up the annual transfer exercise with the Single Window Recruitment 2023 in order to facilitate replacement from the available pool.