Vision of Internal Audit Division 

Enhance and protect organisational value and strengthen good governance by delivering professional assurance and consulting services.

Mission of Internal Audit Division 

Provide an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve the organization’s operations through risk based assessment and evaluation of Governance, risk and control. 


  • Strengthen good governance and Protect Organizational Value under MOH
  • Enhance efficiency, effectiveness and economy of the resource utilizations 
  • Improve internal control, organizational operations and compliance to existing rules and SOPs.
  • Reduce corruptions and strengthen safeguard of organization’s assets.


  • Perform evaluation and test of operational risk and controls and compliance to existing rules and SOPs.  
  • Assess economy, efficiency and effectivness of resource utilization under MOH.
  • Assist and advice on anticorruption strategies in collaboration with lead division under MOH.
  • Conduct independent, objective assurance and consulting services.
  • Report and make recommendations where weaknesses or inefficiencies are observed to the MOH management.