Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Director General
Name Designation Dial Email Remark
Kinga Jamphel Director 122kjamphel(at) Office
Office Of The Director
Name Designation Dial Email Remark
Pema lhamo PA pemal(at) Office
Tshering Dorji Adm asst. tsheringdorji1(at) Office
Tashi Namgay Driver In Office
Tenzin Driver In Office
Duptho Driver In Office
Tshewang Rinzin Driver In Office
Ugyen Dorji Driver In Office
Emergency Medical Services
Name Designation Dial Email Remark
Ugyen Tshering Offtg. CPO utshering(at) Office
Kuenzang Nima Asst. Program Officer knima(at) In office
Deki Yangzom Dy. Chief Program Officer dyangzom(at) In Office
Jamyang Choden Sr. Program Officer 210 jchoden(at) Office
Health Help Centre
Name Designation Dial Email Remark
Dr. Karma Sangay Sr. Medical Officer dsangay(at) In Office
Sushila Pradhan Sr. Health Asst. I spradhan(at) In Office
Eka Devi Chhetri Sr. Health Asst. II ekadevi976(at) In Office
Tshering Dendup Sr. Health Asst. III tdendup(at) In Office
Dorji Lhamo Sr. Health Asst. III dlhamo(at) In Office
Lachi Maya Chamlagai Sr. Health Asst. III lchamlagai(at) In Office
Tshering Nima Sr. Health Asst. III tnima(at) In Office
Jangchuk Lhaden Sr. Health Asst. III jlhaden(at) In Office
Ugyen Tshering Health Asst. I utshering(at) In Office
Tashi Pelden Health Asst. I tashipelden88(at) In Office
Passang Dorji Health Asst. I pdorji(at) In Office
Sangay Lhaden Health Asst. II slhaden(at) In Office
Kinga Rinchen Health Asst. I In Office
Tshering Wangmo Health Asst. II tsheringw62(at) In Office
Sangye Wangdi Health Asst. II swangdi(at) In Office
Namgay Wangdi Health Asst. II nwangdi(at) In Office
Anju Rai Sr. Staff Nurse I anjurai34(at) In Office
Ugyen Dema Sr. Staff Nurse I udema(at) In Office
Devi Charan Subedi Sr. Staff Nurse II dsubedi(at) In Office
Tshewang Rinzin Asst. Nurse I trinzin(at) In Office
Wangdi Phuntsho Staff Nurse III phuntsho1815(at) In Office
Deki Wangmo Staff Nurse III dekiwang46(at) In Office
Sangay Tshewang Staff Nurse III sangaytshewang7778(at) In Office
Tshering Chojay Staff Nurse III tshering.chojay92(at) In Office
Sonam Choden Sweeper In Office
Essential Medicines & Technology Division
Name Designation Dial Email Remark
Ugyen Tashi Chief Program Officer 207 utashi(at) In Office
Pempa Sr. Laboratory Officer 206 pemba(at) In Office
Tshering Duba Sr. Pharmacist tduba(at) In Office
Kiran Gurung Sr. Pharmacist kgurung(at) In Office
Health Care & Diagnostic Division
Name Designation Dial Email Remark
Som Bdr Darjee Program Analyst 202 sdarjee(at) Office
Pem Zam Program Analyst 207pzam(at) In Office
Sonam Peldon Dy. Chief Program Officer 203 speldon(at) office
Sonam Wangda Dy. Chief Laboratory Officer 204 swangda(at) In Office
Roma Karki Sr. Program Officer 207 rkarki(at) In Office
Karma Jurmin Sr. Program Officer 204kjurmin(at) Study Leave
Pema Yangzom Sr. Program Officer 204 pyangzom(at) In Office
Ugyen Zangmo Program Analyst 206uzangmo(at) In Office
Passang Dema Asst. Program Officer pdema(at) In Office
Choney Dema Asst. Program Officer choneyd(at) In Office