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Name Designation Ext Mail Add.
Human Resource Division
Mr.Wangchen Norbu Sr. HR Officer 217 wnorbu(at)health.gov.bt
Mr.Thinley Penjor Human Resource Officer 219 thinleyp(at)health.gov.bt
Mr.Sonam Tobgay Asst. HR Officer 217 stobgay(at)health.gov.bt
Mr.Samten Lhendup Asst. HR Officer 215 slhendup(at)health.gov.bt
Mr.Sanjay Puwar Asst. HR Officer 215 spuwar(at)health.gov.bt
Ms.Leela Rupa Adhikari Asst. HR Officer 215 adhikarileela50(at)gmail.com
Ms.Tshering Yangchen Sr. Administrative Assistant 216 tyangchen(at)health.gov.bt
Ms.Sherab Pelden Record Assistant 216 sherabpelden(at)health.gov.bt
Ms.Kelzang Choden Administrative Assistant 217 kc(at)health.gov.bt
Ms.Kezang Lhamo Administrative Assistant kelzanglham(at)gmail.com
Ms.Kuenzang Choden Data Assistant kuenzangchoden(at)health.gov.bt