To prevent premature deaths across lifespan due to suicide among the Bhutanese population


To promote, coordinate and support appropriate inter-sectoral action plans and programs for the prevention of suicidal behaviors at national, dzongkhags, gewogs and community levels.


  1. Improve leadership, multi-sectoral engagement and partnerships forsuicide prevention in the communities.


  1. Strengthen governance and institutional arrangements to effectively implement comprehensive suicide prevention plans.


  1. Improve access to suicide prevention services and support for individuals in psychosocial crisis and those most at risk for suicide (including those with suicidal ideation, history of self-harm or non-fatal suicide attempt)


  1. Improve the capacity of health services and gate keepers to provide suicide prevention services.


  1. Improve community resilience and societal support for suicide prevention in communities including schools and institutions.


  1. Improve data, evidence and information for suicide prevention planning, and programming.





Yeshi Wangdi, Program Officer


contact no: 17713442