Name Designation Dial Email Remark
Rixin JamtshoOfficiating Director205In Office
Office Of The Director
Name Designation Dial Email Remark
Tashi Choden Personal Asst. II tchoden(at) In Office
Phub Zangmo Admin. Asst. II phubz(at) In Office
Nima Driver In Office
Communicable Disease Division
Name Designation Dial Email Remark
Rixin Jamtsho Chief Program Officer rjamtsho(at) In Office
Kinley Dy. Chief Program Officer kinphel.2008(at) In Office
Tashi Dawa Dy. Chief DHO In Office
Tshedar Dy. Program Officer tshedar(at) In Office
Ugyen Dendup Dy. Program Officer udendup(at) In Office
Tandin Zangpo Sr. Medical Offcier tzangpo(at) In Office
Rada Dukpa Sr. Program Officer rdukpa(at) In Office
Sangay Phuntsho Sr. Program Officer sangayphuntsho(at) Study Leave
Dolley Tshering Sr. Program Officer dolleytshering(at) In Office
Lekey Khandu Sr. Program Officer lkhandu(at) In Office
Phurpa Tenzin Program Officer ptenzin(at) In Office
Tshewang Dorji Program Officer tshewangdorji1(at) In Office
Choki Dolkar Asst. Program Officer cdolkar(at) In Office
Tshering Tsencho Zam Asst. Program Officer ttzam(at) Secondment
(Pema Center)
Cheten Zangmo Asst. Program Officer czangmo(at) In Office
Chakchu Tshering Program Analyst ctshering(at) In Office
Jamyang Pema M&E Officer jamyangp(at) In Office
Jigme Thinley M&E Officer In Office
Yonten Choki Norbu Health Assistant II In Office
Tshewang Dema Sr.Receptionist In Office
Tandin Dorji Driver In Office
Tempa Rinzin Driver I In Office
Yonten Loday Driver III In Office
Tenzin Wangchuk Driver III In Office
Lal Bir Tamang Driver III In Office
Kinga Namgay Driver III In Office
Non Communicable Disease Division
Name Designation Dial Email Remark
Laigden Dzed Chief Program Officer 224 ldzed(at) In Office
Hari Prasad Pokhrel Dy.Chief Program Officer 224 hppokhrel(at) In Office
Yangdon Sr. Program Officer   yangdon(at) EoL
Chimmi Dem Sr. Program Officer   cdem(at) In Office
Kinley Wangchuk Sr. Program Officer   kwangchuk(at) In Office
Pema Lethro Sr. Program Officer   plethro(at) Secondment
Dil Kumar Subba Program Officer   dksubba(at) Secondment
(Pema Center)
Karma Tenzin Program Officer   ktenzin(at) Study Leave
Tashi Tshomo Program Officer   tashitshomo(at) In Office
Yeshey Pelden Asst. Program Officer   ypelden(at) In Office
Sonam Choden Asst. Program Officer   sonamchoden2(at) In Office
Pema Yudon Asst. Program Officer   pyudon(at) In Office
Phub Zangmo Admin. Asst. I   phubz(at) In Office
Health Promotion Division
Name Designation Dial Email Remark
Thinley Zangmo Dy.Chief Program Officer   tzangmo(at) Secondment   (WHO)
Sonam Wangchuk Dy.Chief Program Officer   sonamw(at) In Office
Tashi Tshering Sr.Information & Media Officer   ttshering(at) In Office
Ugyen Norbu Information & Media Officer   ugyenn(at) Offg.Chief
Tshewang Dorji Communication Analyst   tshewangcom(at) In Office
Chana Singye ICT Technical Associate II (Graphic Designer)     In Office
Nima Sr.Communication Technician V   nima(at) In Office
Norbu Zangmo Sr.Technician III   norzang1788(at) In Office
Public Health Engineering Division
Name Designation Dial Email Remark
Rinchen Wangdi Specialist III   rwangdi(at) Secondment
Karma Wangdi Program Analyst   kwangdi(at) Offg.Chief
Chador Wangdi Sr. Program Officer   chador(at) EOL
Sonam Pelzom Asst. Engineer   spelzom(at) In Office
Yeshay Lhaden Asst. Engineer   ylhaden(at) In Office
Kunzang Deki Asst. Architect II   kdeki(at) In Office
Karma Choden Asst. Architect III   karmac(at) In Office
Public Health Laboratory / Royal Centre For Disease Control 

Vectorborne Disease Control Program

Name Designation Dial Email Remark
Tobgyel Program Analysttobgye(at) Offg.Chief
Loday ZangpoSr.Program Officer lzangpo(at)
Ugyen Zangpo Asst. Program Officer uzangpo(at)
Rinzin NamgayChief Entomologistrinzin69@yahoo.comt
Tenzin WangdiChief
Ugyen Tshomo Accounts Asst.
Singye Dukpa Sr. Laboratory Technician
Yeshey Dorji/td>Asst. Laboratory Technician
Sonam TashiMalaria Technician
Chhimi Dorjee Sr. Store Keeper
Tshering Choden Admin. Asst.
Pema Zangmo Sherpa Sr. Technician
Khandu Sr. Technician
Karma Choden GIS Technician
Karma Jimba