Monday, December 6, 2021
Ministry of Health Organization Structure

Ministry of Health Organization Structure, Bhutan
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Acronyms :

  1. AS: Administration Services
  2. BHU: Basic Health Unit
  3. BMED: Bio-Medical Engineering Division
  4. CDD: Communicable Disease Division
  5. DH: Dewathang Hospital
  6. DHO: District Health Office
  7. DoMS: Department of Medical Services
  8. DoMSHI: Department of Medical Supplies and Health Infrastructure
  9. DoPH: Department of Public Health
  10. DoS: Directorate of Services
  11. DoTMS: Department of Traditional Medicine Services
  12. EMSD: Emergency Medical Services Division
  13. EMTD: Essential Medicine and Technology Division
  14. FD: Finance Division
  15. GCRRH: Gelephu Central Regional Referral Hospital
  16. GH: General Hospitals
  17. GGH: Gidagom Hospital (BHU)
  18. HCDD: Health Care and Diagnostic Division
  19. HHC: Health Help Center
  20. HIDD: Health Infrastructure Development Division
  21. HIMSU: Health Information Management System Unit
  22. HPD: Health Promotion Division
  23. HREU: Health Research Epidemiology Unit
  24. HRD: Human Resource Division
  25. IC: Indigenous Clinic
  26. ICTD: Information, Communications and Technology Division
  27. IAS: Internal Audit Services
  28. IH: Indigenous Hospital
  29. LHSH: Local Healing and Spiritual Health Division
  30. LS: Legal Services
  31. MoH: Ministry of Health
  32. MRRH: Mongar Regional Referral Hospital
  33. MSPD: Medical Supplies Procurement Division
  34. MSDD: Medical Supplies Distribution Division (Phuntsholing)
  35. MZD: Menzerigpa and Zhibjuk Division (Medicine and Research)
  36. NCDD: Non-communicable Disease Division
  37. NTMH: National Traditional Medicine Hospital
  38. OoD: Office of the Director
  39. OoM: Office of the Minister
  40. OoS: Office of the Secretary
  41. PPD: Policy and Planning Division
  42. PH: Phuntsholing Hospital
  43. PHED: Public Health Education Division
  44. QASD: Quality Assurance and Standard Division
  45. THCD: Traditional Healing Center Division
  46. VBDCP: Vector Born Disease Control Program (Gelephu)