Friday, October 30, 2020

This year’s theme for #GlobalHandwashingDay2020 is “Hand Hygiene for All”. Not everything is about pandemic; the virus is here to stay and we should learn to live with it. Uncertain times shall pass but hand washing shall remain forever. Therefore, let’s take the advantage of the situation to be the change we want to see. This is the best opportunity to make hand washing a part of our daily lives. This year MOH has so far observed a significant decrease in diseases such as common cold and diarrhea and we are pretty certain that we can attribute it to the “social vaccines” such as hand washing, physical distancing, and the wearing of masks.

On the other hand, to ensure that hand hygiene is accessible to all, as a part of the WASH program (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) MOH in collaboration with Ministry of Education (Sherig Bhutan), UNICEF Bhutan and SNV Bhutan has made sure that schools are now equipped with proper hand washing stations and not temporary tippy taps. In regular circumstances, it would have taken years to realize this dream, however, this year, it took us only a few months. At this point, MOH takes the opportunity to thank all our development partners for joining hands with us in fighting this battle.

Attached are the critical junctures of hand washing; let’s take individual responsibilities #OurGyenkhu to help the nation in times of need. When time passes, we shall come out as a more resilient, responsible, and hygiene-oriented country.