Friday November 27th, 2015

Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen graced the Salang Tendrel for the construction of 150 Bedded Gyaltsuen Jetsun Pema Mother and Child Hospital (GJPMCH) this morning (27th November 2015).

Since JDWNRH is currently operating as the National Referral Hospital; Western Regional Referral Hospital and Thimphu Dzongkhag Hospital, there is an increasing number of patients requiring both general & intensive care and the beds currently available in JDWNRH is not enough due to the congestion.


Currently JDWNRH records over 4000 births annually (4070 in year 2014). Further, the Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics and Department of Paediatrics are currently facing problems, viz., shortage of beds in JDWNRH, increasing demand for quality and specialized services, increasing births and early discharge of patients resulting in poor quality of services.

The new 150 bedded GJPMCH wing will not only improve the quality of mother and child care but also decongest the JDWNRH. Further, on completion of the new GJPMCH, it would also facilitate the introduction of sub-speciality services.

The Planning and Design for the construction of the new GJPMCH is being carried out In-house by the Health Infrastructure Development Division of the Dept. of Medical Supplies & Health Infrastructure (DMSHI), Ministry of Health and the construction would be carried out over an area of approximately 4.20 Acres above the JDWNRH over an estimated construction timeline of 30 months.


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