Tuesday, January 26, 2021

National Situational Update on COVID-19. Data as of 14th June 2020


1. No new cases in the last 24 hours.

2. One more individual is being declared recovered after completing the 2 week de-isolation period and testing negative on RT-PCR. This takes the total figure for recovered to 22.

3. Four individuals have been moved to a de-isolation facility after testing negative twice on RT-PCR (test conducted 24 hours apart). This takes the total figure for de-isolation to 26.


The Ministry of Health strongly urges all Bhutanese especially those residing in the southern border towns to practice effective physical distancing, good personal hygiene and proper cough etiquette, at all times.

Definition facility type:

a. Isolation: Isolation is basically a facility where the confirmed positive cases are kept under observation or treated after they are confirmed as positive. The isolation facility is usually a hospital except the RIGSS hostel in the case of Phuentsholing.

b. De-Isolation: De-Isolation is the 2 week long period where a confirmed positive case is kept under further observation after they test negative twice (24 hours apart) while they are in isolation. The De-Isolation facility is usually a tourist-grade hotel.

Definition of transmission type:

1. No cases: Countries/territories/areas with no confirmed cases (not shown in table)
2. Sporadic cases: Countries/territories/areas with one or more cases, imported or locally detected
3. Clusters of cases: Countries/territories/areas experiencing cases, clustered in time, geographic location and/or by common exposures
4. Community transmission: Countries/area/territories experiencing larger outbreaks of local transmission defined through an assessment off actors including, but not limited to:
-Large numbers of cases not link-able to transmission chains
-Large numbers of cases from sentinel lab surveillance
-Multiple unrelated clusters in several areas of the country/territory/area