Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Happy Breastfeeding Week to the people from all walks of life, the mothers, breastfeeding mothers and health workers working in Mother and Child Health across the country.  The week is being celebrated every year globally to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of the Mother and the Baby. Awareness campaign on the “Breastfeeding” starting from 1st August to 30 September 2019 has begun. Please spare your time to go through the messages displayed on election boards, health websites, radio and television to help increase the awareness raising efforts.  

Give only Breast Milk to your baby for the first six months because:

  • Breast milk protects the baby against many illnesses.
  • Breast milk contains nutrients needed for brain development  
  • Breast milk provides closeness and bonding between mother and the baby
  • Breast milk also protects mother’s health

If you want to know more about the breast milk, our health workers at the health center will be happy to talk more about it.