Sunday, March 7, 2021

ePIS Tender Queries

LIS: During the Pre-bid meeting, we understood that LIS system will be replaced and the vendor should propose. If the above statement is true, do we need to propose and quote the LIS solution? If yes, any specification and quantity. (New Edge)

Do you required Simple LIS module or the complete LIS system by itself and able to integrate with the HIS system. (AHCS)

Ans.: Page 26, section viii of TOR, Annexure VI Modules and Features point 14 specifies the need for LIS or lab solution module and Annexure X requires firms to quote price for it. Analyzers are found in hospitals and BHU Is only. Please note previous attempts to roll out HIS in hospitals failed due to failure of LIS integration. LIS proposed by firms/vendors were not accepted by Hospitals as it was not up to the expectation. Proposed LIS should be comparable if not better to current LIS which is to be replaced.

PACS: As per the Pre-bid meeting, we understood PACs can be proposed. So can we get any specification and quantity for PAC solution and also do we need to quote for the same? (New Edge)

Ans.: Page 32, section xx of the TOR.

Hardware requirement (Servers): Since we are still confused with a hardware solution for hosting ePIS, we would like to seek clarification whether we need to propose and quote the hardware or only to suggest the hardware sizing. (New Edge)

Do we have to submit Infrastructure Bill Of Materials along with proposal? (iTechnologies)

Ans.: MoH requires only hardware specification for your firms proposed software deployment and MoH shall buy separately in different tender where firm winning this contract (software) shall not be eligible to participate in supply of the hardware.

Bio-metric (Patient Identification): Do we need to propose and quote the bio-metric solution for patient identification as mentioned in the module & features (annexure 10)? (iTechnologies)

Ans: Yes

Could you please elaborate what is two parallel redundant systems? (iTechnologies)

Ans: Two parallel systems here refers to Active-Active Deployment of the system

What is the purpose of Import and Export functionality? (iTechnologies)
Ans: Health record collection is all about usage of data for both intervention, research and planning etc. Therefore, Health Professionals and Programs will need data to be exported for such purposes while import function is for any data migration (from legacy systems) that might come up after contract expires.

If the expected solution is COTS why SRS is required? We propose to document only Gaps against proposed COTS and use service flows provided in the RFP. (iTechnologies)
Ans.: Service process in RFP is old and generic and developed by few ITs consulting few individuals. This has to be confirmed and accepted by a larger group of users so that the system is flawless.

Data manipulation through application can be restricted but direct back-end operation cannot be controlled.  However proposed database system has capabilities of tracking such details. (iTechnologies)

Ans.: Since health record are sensitive and should be confidential, audit log for any changes to DB is preferred.

During the implementation, what will happen if health facility is upgraded BHU II to BHU I or BHU I to DH?  Do we have to deploy service to meet the facility and train the users? (iTechnologies)
Ans.: This will be captured in contract as a condition in the contract and subject for further discussion as to how to be accepted by both parties (MoH & Firm).

Could you please provide number of expected  system users and concurrent users during the peak hours of the hospital operations (iTechnologies)

Ans.: Please refer to service standard annexure and firms are to determine the user from there. But MoH & respective Hospitals shall determine the final list of users during system roll out.

Identified and agreed gaps shall be developed at offshore and we follow agile methodology. How does agile methodology applicable to implementation? Is it only to provide development status update and demo showcase? (iTechnologies)

Ans.: No matter what method are to be used, the project required competent technical (IT) team (consisting of both local and international firms) to provide 24/7 service.

Below statement is not applicable as proposed solution is COTS + customization. Please confirm. “The Firms shall engage core ICT team throughout the system customization to impart proper skills and in-house capacity to manage necessary customization at later stages.” (iTechnologies)
Ans.: Knowledge transfer is another mandatory requirement for the IT teams of MOH and Hospitals so that clients are familiar with the system while project also requires free warranty service and AMC too.

The current RFP is limited to only application, hence below statement is not valid.  Please confirm “In the event of hardware failures, the client shall provide the replacement within a stipulated time”. (iTechnologies)

Ans.: Client here refers to MoH & Hospitals, Firms are sometimes referred as vendors/suppliers.

The current RFP is limited to only application, hence below statement is not valid.  Please confirm “The Firms shall deploy Operation and Management Center solution such as Network Monitoring Management System, Security Operation and integrate SMS gateway within the system.” (iTechnologies)

Ans.: We are requesting firm to bid for supply application for managing and monitoring network and deployed systems.

We have seen that there are not all workflows described in the 09_epis_srpf_Annex_VII_ Service Procedures.docx document – the question would be what we should do in case there are no details provided – or if the client has further details they want to add (example dental has no workflows but is listed in the TOR),… (AHCS)

Ans.: As an interested firm participating in the bid, firms are to find out all such necessary requirements of the hospitals. What is there in TOR is broad and generic.

Certainly from a PACS (Vital/canon)/LIS (TD Technidata) perspective, they won’t be able to offer source code. (AHCS)

Ans.: Source code is preferred but not necessary. Firms are requested to submit alternatives.

This could become a very comprehensive module which is normally alone in the range of the current budget – but we could configure a Critical Care documentation module although. (AHCS)

Ans.: Since it is required module we suggest firms to study the requirement and quote for it accordingly.

Patient monitoring device needs to be integrated with the patient monitoring system. Similar to critical care – implementing all devices will be very difficult with the current budget. (AHCS)

Ans.: We have will be sharing an updated list of medical device that requires integration as stated in the minutes of pre-bid meeting.

Annex of the Demo missing. Please consider the Demo Questions and also Devices to be integrated, Time frame and so on. (AHCS)

Ans.: As discussed during the pre-bid meeting, demo criteria, instruction and schedule shall be shared as specified in TOR annexure.

Usually a RFP consist of a kind of excel overview where it is easier to evaluate. Currently we for example also don’t know which points are MANDATORY and which are optional from the RFP, so this would be great to find out as well and we are sharing vitals and AHCS Excel RFP comparison as an example. (AHCS)

Ans.: Thanks for the proposal. We also use excel and follow government standard practise.

Payment Terms & Schedule is not clarity mention in the RFP. We suggest payment should be Milestone & Year wise phase basis. Sample payment schedule is attached as annexure 1 for consideration. (Inspira)

Ans.: It will 10-30-30-30 percent as discussed in pre-bid.

Clarity on consortium/partnership. We request to restrict the number of the consortium member participation to max (3) three. Also we suggest to check qualitative competence of the consortium members, as there should be conditions for  foreign consortium member to have min 3 yrs experience in Healthcare IT business and must present documentary proof of min 3yrs old work experience (Work order or PO) with name of same entity who is forming JV\Consortium (Experience & Credentials  of Group company or sister company should not be allowed).We request MOH to validate the foreign partners documents specially Bidding entity and their experience documents, as they should give their own experience received in the bidding entity name and not from sister\group companies work order and experience. With our experience usually parent company authorizes sister company with power of attorney to participate and bid on their behalf but that system company don’t have any credentials or work experience for their own. (Inspira)

Ans.: It will as discussed in pre-bid and still open.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Foreign partner or OEM (who is proposing their solution) has to provide relevant document for their IPR with Product name and Technology used. Proposed IPR or product must have three Installations with same technology platform which partner is proposing in ePIS or if they had old version proprietary license platform and now new solution changing to new version in new technology or different DB then they have to show customers experience, acceptance and sign off. Any partner should not be allowed change proposed solution at this RFP stage as they have showcased their experience based on old solution in EOI & further evaluation on which they qualified for participation of this RFP. (Inspira)

Ans.: As discussed in pre-bid Firms are to get FAM or OEM certificate

List of application for integration. Lot of applications asked for integration….which should be ideally replaced by new app, so requesting to filter the list and provide us with existing applications API capability, support available from existing vendor and existing Technology stack of apps. (Inspira)

Ans.: List has been shared in annexure 10_epis_srpf_Annex_VIII_ List of Applications. Please note currently none of the systems has API and participating firms have to take up this work of developing API where required.

Page limit for technical response. We need to have some Clarity on Page limits for sections like Organization & staffing, CVs and Approach & Methodology etc . (Inspira)

For the STP only, the description of the approach, methodology and work plan should normally consist of 10 pages, including charts, diagrams, comments and suggestions, if any, on the Terms of Reference, counterpart staff and facilities”. Is this a page limit for Approach and methodology or just indicative? If page limit increases then bid would be considered non responsive or not. (Inspira)

Ans.[UPDATED]: Please limit each staff’s CV to 3 pages ( be it front & back print),  Approach & Methodology (not more than 40-55 pages be it front & back print )

Data Migration. Data Migration details are missing because some are manual and some are digital. As discussed in Pre-bid please provide some more details related with Data Migration like Technology Stack, DB, Tables and attributes with size of data files etc…which can help bidder to calculate proper effort estimation of man hours. (Inspira)

Ans.: Firms are expected to visit places where legacy systems are used and find out what is necessary for migration.

Project Management. SRS, Training and UAT – with Train the Trainer concept should be made Centralized, this will help MOH and bidder to implement and roll out the solution on time and can save some travel costs. This approach will also help to rollout the same standards across the nation with every key stakeholder’s concurrence centrally. This approach will also restrict change request in system and MOH can save a good amount for unwanted Change request from locations. (Inspira)

Ans.: We also prefer to use this approach as proposed by some firms but still open for better alternative if any.

Manpower. Existing Key Resources asked is restricted to Application Development. We recommend that committee should consider Security Expert in Key Expert with Engineering Degree and CISSP Certification from bidder side and IT-Infrastructure resource with DC, Endpoint and DR setup experience because bidder need to deploy and own the solutions end to end. Also this would give MOH better control to define responsibility for bidder and can avoid any blame game in future between Software and Hardware vendors. (Inspira)

Ans.:  Please do include such experts (application,  infrastructure, security ) in your team proposal which could provide the firms with more score during evaluation but in this case these professional should be available as and when required in the project.

The smaller hospitals and BHU Is are to use micro server while BHU IIs and equivalents are to use mobile apps for providing and recording health care services. Are micro services to be deployed on containers (like Docker-Kubernetes)? (Inspira)

Ans.:  We haven’t restricted on the platform but please use proven robust enterprise-ready platform considering the complexity of this software.

The client shall have all the source code without obfuscation and have full rights over it. / The Firm shall transfer the full ownership of source code and IP rights to the client after successful customization and implementation of the system but obfuscated source code shall not be accepted. We request MOH to reconsider this point as the requirement is for COTs product hence providing source code & IP rights will jeopardize our rights and put the company out of business.  Hence we suggest the MOH could ask access to source code limited to code written as customization over existing COTs solution. (Inspira)

Ans.:  We would prefer to have source code if possible but this is not a mandate. Firms are welcome to propose other options.

To enable one user ID and password for every user to access relevant and authorized information, the system has to integrate with existing information systems on Government Data Hub Infrastructure (Data exchange layer) either at database level or API. The data hub uses a solution based on WSO2 and is managed by DITT. In the case of the non-existence of the API in the current system, the Firm shall develop a suitable API for the existing system and integrate with the proposed system. Refer to the list of existing systems in Annexure I. Most of the software are developed in house, the Firm shall develop relevant API for successful integration to ePIS. MoH Bhutan should ensure access to the Database Schemas, documentation on the same and all product related documentation. Without this support/assurance by MoH, it will increase the cost of this activity. (Inspira)

Ans.:  MoH shall provide full access to system (including source code/DB). Most of the systems are simple system but without API. The firms shall guide/show the IT team on developing relevant/compatible API so that it can integrate with the ePIS smoothly. Please note DIT is also coming up with another project for on ID which will be bases for single sign on. For more please contact ICT Officer Dawa and Darshan of DITT.

Presence of local staff as key members of the project team is a necessary condition to accept the proposal for evaluation. The HR requirements are specified below in clause. The Clause on HR requirement is not available/mentioned. Can you please clarify this? (Inspira)

Ans.:  Please check minimum team composition (i.e, point 34)

Each hospital should be deployed with two parallel redundant systems which shall be connected to centrally deployed system in the data center of GDC. Two parallel redundant systems–>Does it mean two servers configured as Highly Available Active-Active mode? (Inspira)

Ans.:  Yes. With Active-Active mode, we are looking for load balancing in case of high traffic especially from referral centers.

The Firms shall provide free on-site support and incorporate any changes identified by the client during the warranty period without any additional cost. There are 340 facilities in the scope of the tender. Can you please clarify what is meant by the onsite support? We suggest change should not accepted post UAT or warranty period unless it is vital of project objective. Ideally changes post UAT or warranty period should be limited to feature enhancement to existing modules as per SOW and not extended to new module & change in workflow. (Inspira)
Ans: Will discuss and plan for different onsite support like clustering.

Demonstration. Integration with medical devices and systems. Need clear details about the scope of Machine (Lab as well as for PACS)needs to be integrated during the live demo: Machine Name and Model, Investigation test that are to be performed & Any other relevant details (Inspira)

Ans.: To be provided soon but firms are instructed to visit and see themselves during the pre-bid meeting.As announced in EoI result email and also during pre-bid meeting, all firms are requested to make necessary visits to hospital and check out the machine for integration before hand. The Project shall facilitate any support required but shall not entertain any last minute request.


Integrity pact (IP ): Many firms have asked how and when to submit the IP Document.

Ans: One Bhutan Firms is to sign over legal stamp in the IP Form which should be signed by witness who should not be staff or member of the employee of the firm. and then submit alone other documents during bid submission.

Please provide details of extent of synchronous (real time) and asynchronous mode (store and forward) of deployment in terms of number of locations to be considered for distributed/ hybrid deployment for effort estimate. This input is required to provide an optimum option for data communication as not all the locations would have a network availability/ last mile connectivity issue.(IQVIA)
Ans: All the facilities will be connected for this project

Please clarify if vendor need to provide24/7 support If this support is just limited to application and users or vendor need to provide support for patients also? (IQVIA)

Ans: Support for the patient is not required

Please provide details of expectation as a part of Bay & Queue management (Token system module). Only software functionality and integration with Display units need to be provided or even supply of display devices is also part of scope. (IQVIA) 

Ans: you don’t need to supply the hardware but you can recommend

Please elaborate scope of Patient Identification Module. If vendor is required for only delivering reading Bar Code or RF for patients and system users OR generating, printing & reading is also a part of scope? Please clarify is vendor need to provide Bar Code, QR printers and reading devices also (IQVIA)

Ans: you don’t need to supply the hardware but you can recommend

Please clarify if “Tablet for Scribing” includes only supply of OCR software for digitizing or even Tablets (Devices) are required to be supplied (IQVIA)

Ans: you don’t need to supply the hardware but you can recommend

We found that work plan for first year include System Go-Live , but according to system roll-out target in first year there is no roll out , please provide clarification on the same (IQVIA)

Ans: first year has been already delayed. so we start from the second year as a start year

When we compare documents “04_epis_srpf_Section_5_TOR.docx” and “12_epis_srpf_Annex_X_module_price.docx” to understand scope of deliverable, we find difference in count of modules & features. So, which one of these two documents are actual scope of work. Should we consider both of them collectively form complete scope of modules & features to be delivered ? Please clarify.(IQVIA)

Ans: consider both of them collectively form complete scope of modules & features to be delivered.

Some firms requested for sub-criteria score during the bid opening meeting on 21st August 2019?

Ans: Sub-criteria shall be developed by tender panelist as we did during the EoI and since they are appointed only few days before the schedule of events (proposal evaluation, demo and financial evaluation), the project is not in position to share the sub criteria scores.

Time extension during the demo.

Ans: Some firms requested for more time for demo during the bid opening meeting, how ever since  the demo is going to be in busiest hospital of Bhutan and most of the panelist are going to be from hospitals it will be difficult to get same panelist for more than two days. Therefore, we regret the request and each firms shall have 3 hours each as initially announced (on weekend).