Sunday, March 7, 2021
VISION "A Nation with the Best health"
To provide quality healthcare services in both traditional and morden medicines. To prevent, control, eliminate and eradicate diseases.
To rehabilitate and promote healthy living. To ensure sustainable, responsive, equatiable, accessible, reliable and affordable health services.
Inline with the Article 9, Section 21 of the Constituation of the kingdon of Bhutan: "The State shall provide free access to basic public health" Ensure acces, equity, and quality health services.
Competence Demonstrate expertise in carring out the responsibilities and inspire others to have confidence.
Compassion Promote empathy, support, encouragement, and sensitivity in service provision.
Equity Promote equity, basic rights, dignity, and access to care.
Integrity Conduct ethically and with honesty and accountability of service provision.
Professionalism Demonstrate professional health care through positive attitude, actions, and comments.